Even Now This Image Is Eroding is an iterative and collaborative project between Hannah Verrill and Dana Florin-Weiss. Our process has resulted in the performance pieces: Even Now This Image Is Eroding 1, 2, & 3, The Problem of Two, and Between Window and Frame, performed across New York City at American Medium Gallery, Glasshouse Gallery, WeisAcres, Center for Performance Research, HERE Arts Center, Movement Research, and Green Space.

In our collaborative practice we explore the condition of being before others, of being watched and watching back. We treat our bodies as precarious and complicated objects, never allowing for an experience of stasis. We cast ourselves as images, and then we erode that image over and over in order to reveal ourselves as agents.

Our work manifests as movement-based performances that reside on the slippery line between dance and visual performance art. We place ourselves here in order to gain further reach in our inquiry into embodied presence, language, perception, architecture, imagination, and sexuality.